Gatlin (GM)

Music educator, so I guess that also makes me a musician. Pet dad to a perfect puppy and a cat that needs to start pulling his weight around the apartment. Slytherin. Loves cooking and consuming all kinds of media. Podcast enthusiast. First time creator, long time listener.


Adam (Atticus Merrygold)

Ok-ish Dad. Amateur woodworker. Terrible drummer. Obsessed over all first generation Pokémon products as a kid, especially video games and tv. Recently accepted his suppressed nerd side and dove into the deep end of tabletop games and DnD.


Aaron (Wesley Hale)

A near-endless stream of song and movie references. A hobbyist musician. A lifelong consumer of sports, videogames, and nerd culture. Ninetails enthusiast. Aaron is convinced he once shared a room with a ghost. Not a volleyball player.


Nick (Sendoren Hously)

Actor, Musician, Composer, Arranger, Writer, and lover of all breakfast foods. Spent a year touring the U.S. with a children's theatre so he's happy to have cheese curds in his life again. Loves sports, video games, long walks on the beach, and the people in his life (the order of that changes depending on the day).